Five Bridges: Stories of the Flood


‘Everyone knows someone affected by the flood’

Comics artist and illustrator Mike Medaglia, sound designer Farokh Soltani and I have put together an experimental multimedia performance exhibition for The Lakes International Comic Art Festival. Human stories of flooding are depicted through comics and brought to life in a dynamic audio performance. It will be in the Kendal Museum from Oct. 12 – Nov. 19, 2016.


In December 2015, flooding hit Cumbria as the region received a year’s worth of rainfall in a single day. The River Kent breached its banks in Kendal, closing the town’s five bridges and flooding many local homes. We interviewed people affected by the flood and created illustrations to accompany the audio of them telling their stories in their own words. This exhibition tells the human stories behind the extreme weather event, from different perspectives. Featuring stories from the former mayor, a local reverend, three sisters who had to canoe out of their home, a geographer working for the Lake District National Park Authority and other people who were flooded or involved in the relief efforts. Highlighting the wider picture of the interrelatedness of all human/nature relationships, these stories provide a human experience to the often abstract and complex issue of climate change.


After experiencing the stories from the flood, you are invited to contribute your own responses, drawing a self-portrait and telling your own stories of extreme weather events or effects of climate change, adding and growing the exhibition.

The comics were drawn by Mike Medaglia, I adapted the stories and dramaturgy and the sound design and soundscapes have been compiled by Farokh Soltani.


All the details are on the image below– if you will be in the Lake district this autumn, be sure to pop by and have a look!

Five Bridges posterA2 artwork.indd